Just found this footage of the Prism Tats show in Johannesburg last year where I got to play with the amazing Mike Goddard on drums. Thanks Riaan at Broaden a New Sound for posting this!

My homeboy Julian Redpath making magic. 


who couldn’t relate?

who couldn’t relate?

where is this guy now when I need him?

New Wimps video that I had the good fortune of being a small part of. 

cruisin’ a hyndai ain’t never been cooler

What up 2014. Let’s dance.

Just finished up shooting a new video this weekend and I wanted to thank all of you rock stars and badasses who contibuted. 

Thank you Thank you Thank you to Laurie Clark, Megsie Siple, Emily Nelson, Amanda Molencamp, Chris Spott, Jon Strahl, Brett Horvarth, Andrew Houle, Chip Rountree, Andrew Eckes, Joshua Welch, Lou Karsen, Brendan O’Donnell, Jason Vo

Special thanks to those who slept so little and ruled so hardcore Marissa, Jenny, Kelly, Andi and Gabe.

Extra special thanks to Becker who imagined it and made it happen. 

Stayed tuned for video magic.